Differentiation between European languages

Perhaps by far the most frequent source of mistakes on Ebay ... 

No pictures yet, I'll add some in the future. 

The easiest way to differentiate boosters in European languages is to look at how 'Magic: the Gathering' is translated on the front of the pack:

- French says Magic: l'Assemblée 

- Spanish says Magic: el Encuentro 

- Italian says Magic: l'Adunanza 

- German says Magic: die Zusammenkunft 

- Portuguese says Magic: the Gathering. To be sure you are in front of a Portuguese booster, you can have a look the front of the booster, it is written something like '15 estampas colecionavéis' instead of '15 additional cards' or you can look at the back of the booster. It should labeled that sales are for Portugal and Brazil only.


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